4 Nov 18 Update Log

1. Videos Thumbnail: Now you can change your videos thumbnail after uploading them by (Editing) the video. You can also upload your own thumbnail, beside that you can make the system generate up to 6 images and you chose one of them to be your video thumbnail.

If you wish to edit your video thumbnail, head to (My Videos) page and edit the targeted video and scroll down to the thumbnail section and click (Change Snapshot).


2. Streaming Stability: During the last couple of weeks we were working to move all of our data into new much powerful servers that can handle any streaming load without any buffering or lags as much as possible. The new servers should offer your viewers much better experience.


3. Ads Reduced: We were able to convince our ads network to reduce the amount of ads that our video player display with the same exact paying rates. You can now earn the same exact income with less ads for your viewers. Less ads means better experience for your viewers wich will make them come back and share your website with their friends, which means more traffic!

The ads now should be less, as each ad should be delayed 10 seconds between the other. The player will show the ads every 10 seconds instead of every second like it used to.


4. Faster Encoding: Beside that we already added many additional encoding servers, we also changed our encoding settings in order to encode the videos much faster with the same quality and smaller size in order to offer your viewers better experience even if they have poor internet connection they will be able to watch your videos in HD because we encoded your videos into high quality and small size which makes them playable for everyone.


What's Coming Next?

19 Nov: Offering option to clone upload

26 Nov: Offering option to disable 80% of the ads from the video player if the user don't want to use Earnings Program.